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Any development or land use proposal of significance will generally require planning permit approval. The planning permit application process, also known as statutory planning, can be difficult to navigate when the proposal is seeking to push the boundaries or is likely to be contentious. Even seemingly simple applications can become bogged down through missing information or failing to get the intent of the proposal across to the Council planners. Below are some of the application types Perry Town Planning is experienced in and how we can help you get the result you want.

Multi-dwelling developments, including high-rise apartment buildings through to medium density townhouse arrangement, present many planning challenges. The design needs to accommodate the proponent’s optimal number of dwellings while satisfying Council’s planning policies and minimising the amenity effects on neighbouring properties. Engaging a town planner early in the process assists in streamlining the process. Perry Town Planning can assist through pre-purchase due diligence assessments and providing initial planning advice during the design stage through to project managing the planning application process. We are able to introduce you to architects and building designers who best suit your project’s preferred design outcome and budget as well as other expertise required for the application (traffic engineers, surveyors, arborists etc).

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Subdividing land is a way to release value in a site and allow additional housing or uses to be established. Perry Town Planning has experience in subdivision applications from two-lot divisions in the urban area through to the creation of new communities in greenfield areas.

As property values increase, the option of putting a second dwelling at the rear of an existing property or demolishing an ageing house to put two in its place is becoming an attractive option for homeowners and developers.

However, the process, particular for a second dwelling, involves more than just subdividing the rear lot. Where the Schedule to the Zone establishes a minimum lot size, the application will need to demonstrate that a dwelling can be effectively positioned on the site.

This will include plans demonstrating the arrangement of the proposal and how it complies with the planning scheme controls, including ResCode. For those new to land development, our planners can provide guidance throughout the process.

A valuable service we provide is a land capability assessment, where the site is reviewed for opportunities and constraints that exist based on its physical context and the provisions of the relevant planning scheme. This due diligence establishes what can be achieved on the site and informs the future design. This steps assists in streamlining the process.To find out more about this service, contact one of our planners here.

Perry Town Planning has long-standing relationships architects and building designers that we can recommend if you require. We can also call on expertise including surveyors, traffic engineers, arborists, landscape designers etc.

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Perry Town Planning has considerable experience in retail planning approvals. These range from new neighbourhood shopping centres in growth areas through to expansion of large regional centres. These sometimes complex applications have included rezoning to allow the development to proceed. Alongside the planning permit process, we can also call on expertise to provide demographic analysis to provide retail market need assessments.
Mixed-use developments provide a opportunity to combine complementary land uses on the same site. Retail/Residential and Commercial/Retail combinations provide the benefit of being more active and vital than single use developments. Perry Town Planning assists in these applications by making sure the elements of each use is properly detailed in the application and demonstrate that the uses can operate effectively together.
Religious buildings and community facilities are something of specialty of Perry Town Planning, having achieved success in numerous applications in recent years. Planning challenges can include meeting the required traffic and parking, design responses, and managing possible amenity effects in sensitive residential locations.
This category includes kindergartens and child care centres. These can present planning challenges including traffic, interface with sensitive land uses, and operating hours.
Advertising signage can vary from business identification signage through to large major promotion signs in prominent locations. Perry Town Planning have experience in guiding these applications through the process. Signage applications require careful management as design and amenity concerns can make them contentious requiring a strong and considered planning case to be mounted.
A Change of Use application arises where someone wishes to use an existing location for a new type of activity. We often see this with new business proposals where the planning scheme land use definition is different to the previously approved, requiring a fresh application. The amendment of existing permits can allow for a use to be altered to allow for greater flexibility and opportunities. Our town planners can assist in moving these applications forward to a timely and successful resolution so the use can commence, sparing the applicant significant costs.
Development in a heritage protected location requires careful management to ensure a successful outcome. Perry Town Planning assists your application by providing advice through the design stage and working throughout the assessment process to ensure any potential concerns are addressed.
Restrictive covenants and easements on property titles often prevent a development proposal from proceeding. Removing them can be difficult and often creative responses are required in working around the restrictions. Our planners can assist in reviewing the control and putting together the case through the application to seek the removal/alteration.
Liquor-licensed venues generally require two levels of approval: planning permit approval for the land use (e.g tavern, nightclub) and the liquor licence approval from the Victorian Commission for Gambling and Liquor Regulation (VCGLR). Perry Town Planning can manage both processes and have a record of succeeding in difficult cases. The potential amenity effects from licensed venues require a strong planning application package drawn together which details patron management, adherence to EPA noise controls, and plans showing the extent of the use.
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