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Strategic planning sets out the policies and strategics that underpin planning decisions. The Council planning scheme is the most prominent example that the public would be aware of. Changes in planning policy, through rezonings, the preparation of Precinct Structure Plans, or the application of overlays and character policies, can present an opportunity but can equally curtail the plans of property owners, developers, and the broader community.

Perry Town Planning has considerable experience in strategic planning projects. Some of the types of areas we can assist you with are detailed below.

Rezoning a property to allow a different land use requires a planning scheme amendment. Perry Town Planning is experienced in managing this often complex process. Past projects have included establishing new housing areas through facilitating the change from Rural to Residential zoning to allow the development of new communities as well as establishing Commercial zoning to allow for retail developments.

Rezoning offers the potential to adapt a higher, better use for land and deliver better planning outcomes through successful projects.  Our role is to liaise on your behalf with Council, coordinate the required technical information to support the amendment, prepare the documentation to change the planning scheme, advocate for your interests throughout, including professional representation at Planning Panel hearings.

  • Somerfield Residential Estate – Keysborough South

    Somerfield Residential Estate – Keysborough South

  • Point Cook South Precinct

    Point Cook South Precinct

  • Dan Murphy’s Sale

    Dan Murphy’s Sale

  • Eastwood Village Shopping Centre

    Eastwood Village Shopping Centre

The planning and development of retail, homemaker and shopping centres is a specialty of Perry Town Planning, having achieved approvals for the development of new retail centres as well as expansions to existing Activity Centres in both metropolitan neighbourhood and regional Victoria.

The development of new centres are frequently planned for growth areas in greenfield sites.

The planning of these new centres often involve amendments to the Planning Scheme to rezone the land to an appropriate commercial zone to accommodate the development, and require higher level planning co-ordination and project management to resolve complex planning issues which may arise.


The ability to project manage, co-ordinate and facilitate the preparation of Precinct Structure Plans and Development Plans across the Melbourne metropolitan area is a skill of Perry Town Planning, demonstrated by our strong track record of planning and delivering new communities.

Perry Town Planning have a wide range of contacts within the development industry, and often there are opportunities where different interests may align. We specialise in creating and growing networks to form mutually beneficial relationships, increasing the development potential and yield of individual land parcels.

The planning system in Victoria is a complex one which Perry Town Planning specialises in. As planning advisors familiar with the rigorous process required to support and prepare master plans of new precincts in Victoria, we are equipped with the expertise to guide you on your next strategic project and help you achieve the desired developmental outcome.

A change in planning policy, either at Council or State Government level, can present significant repercussions for landowners. Changes in the controls may present new opportunities to explore but can equally scuttle long-standing plans at significant cost and in convenience.

Our town planners are continually keeping up-to-date with the latest in planning policy development and are able to make representations on your behalf when these are released for public submission. These plans can include:

  • Precinct Structure Plans.
  • Rezonings.
  • Neighbourhood Character Policies.
  • Introduction of Heritage Overlays.
  • Revisions of the Metropolitan planning policy.

This representation can include preparing and lodging written submissions followed up with representation in forums such as Council sessions and planning panel hearings.

Local government often engage external consultants to complete research projects and prepare planning Policy. Perry Town Planning has successfully tendered for and completed major projects on behalf of Councils.

The latest major project was the preparation of the Baw Baw Settlement Management Plan. This involved analysis of the existing housing provision in the Shire of Baw Baw, projecting the expected growth to 2036, and providing recommendations on how and where future housing should be direct through planning controls.

This is currently going through the planning scheme amendment process.

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