Perry Town Planning – Projects Update – January, 2017

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An update on the status of a selection of current and recent projects being managed by Perry Town Planning in January, 2017, include the following:


Change of use application

A permit has been granted for a change of use to a ‘Restaurant’ in St Albans. Furthermore, an amendment to the permit has been granted to increase the number of patrons and consequent car parking waiver.

An application has been lodged for a ‘Medical Centre’ in St Albans. Perry Town Planning has coordinated the entire process and liaised with consultants and Council to achieve the best outcome for clients.

An application for a change of use of a heritage building to a ‘Hotel’ in Richmond is also lodged recently. In this project, Perry Town Planning is liaising with wide range of specialist consultants and Council as the proposal is a multi facet planning application.


Liquor License

Perry Town Planning lodged two planning applications for licensed premises. A most recent liquor license project has been in St Albans. This application required comprehensive Cumulative Impact Assessment report.


Removing Covenant

Perry Town Planning undertakes planning applications to remove or vary covenants particularly where they restricts development to no more than one dwelling in a lot. Such projects require project management with specialist consultants and identification of beneficiaries and facilitation of the design and assessment of prospective development plans.


Residential and Mixed-use Development

Perry Town Planning has undertaken many residential projects for multi dwelling development throughout Victoria.

Applications have been recently lodged for double storey townhouses development in Glenroy, St Albans and Springvale. Our planning services include feasibility advice, coordinating the planning processes, design review, policy review and Clause 54 or 55 assessment and preparation of planning reports.

A recent project is an application to amend a permit for a mixed-use development. This project is for a five-storey apartment and retail mixed use building in St Albans. Perry Town Planning is continuing to liaise with specialised consultants including traffic engineers and acoustic engineers to achieve an excellent result for the client.



Perry Town Planning has recently been involved in subdivision projects in Greenvale, Wyndham and Sunbury. Work includes assessment against requirements of the Precinct Structure Plan, liaison with Council and specialist consultants, design review and assessment against Clause 56.


Building and works to existing dwelling

A planning permit has been granted for a reinstatement of a fire damaged dwelling in Doeen. This project is located within the Farming Zone and required a detailed analysis into the permit triggers applicable.

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