Perry Town Planning – Projects Update – November, 2016

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An update on the status of a selection of current and recent projects being managed by Perry Town Planning in November 2016, includes the following:

Industrial and Commercial Projects

A permit was recently issued for advertising signage for a Coles Express along a major thoroughfare in Torquay. The site is subject to a detailed Design and Development Overlay which imposed restrictions on advertising signage. The planning application process was coordinated by Perry Town Planning which involved liaising with specialist consultants and Council to negotiate a favourable outcome.

A separate permit was issued for a Dental Clinic in Abbotsford also coordinated by Perry Town Planning. The application required a consultation meeting with objectors to address their concerns with the application and clarify the details of the proposal. The application proceeded to a Council meeting where a permit was granted unanimously by the Councillors.

An application was approved and a subsequent permit was issued for an extension to an existing shop house located within Hawthorn which was subject to extensive design controls. Perry Town Planning provided planning advice on design to ensure support from Council for the project.

A permit was recently received from Hume City Council for advertising signage in Greenvale comprising of a total of 17 advertising signs in relation to the sale of land within a new subdivision estate. This application required detailed description of the proposed signage and justification of the proposal against the applicable Precinct Structure Plan.

VCAT Appeals

Perry Town Planning has acted for both permit applications and objecting parties in VCAT proceedings including legal teams and the engagement and briefing of expert witnesses.

A decision was recently issued in which Perry Town Planning successfully represented an objector in a VCAT proceeding to the development of a second dwelling on a lot in Hawthorn East. The Tribunal ruled that a permit should not be issued for the development.

Perry Town Planning recently collaborated with legal representation in relation to an application for review for a 19-dwelling development in Dingley Village. This appeal included the instruction of our legal representative and provision of planning advice regarding the appeal and engagement of expert consultants.

Residential Development

Perry Town Planning undertakes many residential development project throughout all stages of the planning application process including coordination of the planning process, preparing planning reports for applications and acting on behalf of objectors.

Perry Town Planning recently acted as a planning consultant in a Report and Consent matter which proceeded to the Building Appeals Boards with partial consent and refusal against a detailed list of regulations in which we sought variation in requirements. During the appeal Perry Town Planning used policy within the Yarra Planning Scheme to justify the variations required. The Building Appeals Board Members overturned Council’s decision and granted the building permit with all the requested variations in Building Regulations.

Objection letters were prepared for clients residing in Black Rock, Middle Park and Footscray who wished to lodge a comprehensive objection to neighbouring development proposals.

Perry Town Planning have also prepared planning reports comprising of a policy review and Clause 54 or 55 assessment of development proposals. These projects vary in location from regional to metropolitan areas within Victoria.

Permits have been issued for single dwellings on a lot in Moondarra which required a detailed justification of the proposal against the objectives of the Farming Zone and the planning history of the properties.

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