The Villa – Boronia Road, Boronia

Boronia Liquor Licence Application

This change-of-use application established a liquor licensed venue and bar with a patron capacity of more than 400 in a former cafe building within the Boronia Activity Centre. It features the serving of meals, late operating hours, live music, and an outdoor beer garden.

Issues encountered: Reduction in car parking requirements, late operating hours, amplified music, complying with the EPA SEPP N-2 policy requirements for music noise, lack of customer parking, noise impacts on residential uses; cumulative impact clustered liquor licences; patron management

Supported by traffic advice, we submitted that all anticipated patron parking demands can be accommodated on-street or within available public off-street car parks within close proximity to the subject site. Only 7 car spaces for staff were provided on site and a reduction of 135 car spaces for patron parking was approved.

Close liaison with Council supported by acoustic advice was required to negotiate flexible time limit controls on amplified music and building noise. Controls needed to be practical to allow for the business case which relied heavily upon late night live music and entertainment on peak days (Friday, Saturday) to attract patrons. By holding detailed discussions with both acoustic engineering and planning departments within Council, conditions on the permit allowed for a venue managed approach towards ensuring compliance with the SEPP N-2 policy requirements to avoid impact on the acoustic amenity of nearby residences.

A Patron Management Plan was prepared and maximum patron capacity of 496 was demonstrated for the bar. No issues were encountered with regards to security procedures due to the successful procedures detailed in the plan prepared.

Similarly, a detailed cumulative impact assessment was prepared which demonstrated that the mix of different uses concentrated in Boronia Activity Centre leads to the perception of the centre as an entertainment and tourism destination, helping to mitigate potential harms and reduce the potential for unreasonable negative cumulative impact as a result of the proposal.

Specialists required: Acoustic engineer, traffic engineer

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